Our passion for food began in Mexico, but after our first few events we realised it wasn’t just the cuisine we were in to, it was bigger, it was the knowledge that people were enjoying the food that we had prepared. Seeing the countless food focussed interactions at these events, the subconscious contribution that food offered soon became obvious to us. There was something in understanding this, that led us to broaden our influences, considering the world has so much to offer from a culinary point of view, we had no excuse not to!

So - following on from that thought - offerings for our wedding catering are world inspired, drawing from our favourite global cuisine centres : Africa, the Mediterranean, Central and South America and of course …. Mexico.

Our catering and presentation style compliments a laid-back visually focussed event and if your day means that you are set up without a kitchen in a field, we have one on wheels for you whether its a food van or BBQ.

In the UK we cover the South West as far as Swindon, and if you’re thinking internationally we’re happy to cover destination weddings.

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As passionate foodies, lovers of Mexican flavours (and hungry athletes). The food choice at our wedding was hugely important and El Huichol DELIVERED! Not only was food fresh, tasty and prepared with love, but the whole set-up could not have fitted in better with our ‘homemade festival’ wedding theme. John and Carla have been professional and supportive from the word go. Thank you for making our wedding dreams come true!
Thanks again.
— Beccy and Rob