"It all started on the flip of a coin"


We were skyping one evening, Carla in Mexico and me in Cornwall, we'd discussed the potential of doing something together once or twice before but nothing concrete, only idle chat, you know.  I guess it had played on both our minds. I said to Carla, "do you have a coin with you?", Carla answered "Yes, Why?". 

We each picked a side and agreed if it lands on Carla's side, we would do something together. "You in?" I asked. Carla shrugged her shoulders, chose her side and spun the coin in the air. It hit the hard uncarpeted floor, bounced into the air again and landed, spinning as it settled on its fateful side. Carla looked down in anticipation to see if we'd got off lightly or had something to live up to. 

"Whatcha choose?" I said. "Tails" said Carla. 

"Whatcha see?" I said. 

"Tails!" said Carla. 

And so it began.

So far, its been a beautiful journey involving so many friends and strange turns of events, which are always strange if they are in our favour. It really gets weird the timing of things that happen for us sometimes. But when its all flowing like that, theres only one way to go and thats with it. 

We're loving the ride so far and hope to take more folk with us on it in time.