We're in the work of recreating trusted flavours that reflect the age old traditions of Mexico and other cultures. Food with character, beautiful imperfection, callous edges and most of all local heritage.

 - character - flavour - heritage -

Mexico and Cornwall go back, way back. One only needs look at a local Cornish map to see how the Atlantic has narrowed between the two cultures. Mexico's hoard of silver was extracted to fund the civil war of independence in the 18th century and was carried out using  Cornish mining techniques and miners. Mexico's liberation from Spain being directly aided by the Cornish. The heady success of these mines gave Mexican silver mines legendary status across the Atlantic in Cornwall. This success inspired the Cornish people to name areas "Mexico" in hoping to bring similar fortunes to themselves, Wheal Mexico, a celebrated tin shaft at the famous Geevor Tin Mine near gusty St Just and Mexico Towans near Hayle are a few examples.   

If you travel to places in Mexico near those old mines you'll find fair haired folk, as Mexican as can be, bearing a Cornish surname and there's even influence of the mighty pasty showing itself in local cuisine in the area. The Cornish also started the first football club in Mexico and introduced what became Mexico's favourite sport in doing so. 

The influence and mutual benefits have flowed in both directions for centuries.

So, history speaks for itself and as they say, it repeats its self too -