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Sweet Potato Feta and Slaw

3 x Brimming with all the goodness you could fit in. 

  • Corn Tortilla

  • Sweet Potato Marinated in a traditional recipe

  • Feta

  • Slaw

  • Sauce

Locally sourced ingredients where possible

El Huichol Beth Druce -40.jpg

Pibil Pork, Pink Onions and Slaw

3 x Designed to torture you while you wait

  • Corn Tortilla

  • 12hr Cooked Pibil Pulled Pork

  • Traditional Slaw

  • Pink Onions

  • Traditional Sauce

Locally sourced ingredients where possible.  

Tequila and Chipotle Tempura Battered Fish

3 x have been known to turn into 6 

  • Corn Tortilla

  • Our Exclusive Tequila and Chipotle Battered Fish

  • Mexican Slaw

  • Pink Onions

  • Traditional Sauces

Locally sourced ingredients where possible


Black Bean and Charred Corn

3 x Creamy tacos with a beautiful combination of textures

  • Soft Corn Tortilla

  • Epazote and smoked garlic organic black beans

  • Charred Sweetcorn

  • In house designed Sauce

  • Goat and sheeps' milk Feta cheese


for further options Please enquire using the contact page for a link to our event menu.